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Colleen Emery

I have been preparing mariner tax returns for over 15 years now. Unfortunately after the fiasco with one maritime tax preparer I gained a lot of experience dealing with the IRS, something you should not be concerned about or worry about. When you hire an accountant or a firm to prepare your taxes your only concern should be will they minimize my tax liability to the full extent allowable by IRS guidelines?

By taking into account your legitimate deductions you will see an overall cost savings in excess of $1,000. You will see on page 6 and 7 of our organizer most of the expenses incurred spelled out. If you encountered an expense outside of those listed feel free to contact me and I will explore if it is deductible or not.

Gray is a great color for an interior of a car, even the exterior, it’s not the area or color you want your tax preparer to put you in. The tax code is extremely complex, utilizing a preparer that is well versed and knowledgeable about your particular industry is key!

Reside in one state and employed in another? Or work for a company based in another state? Fortunately you are one of many, and exactly what we can address on your behalf. We have too many clients that receive letters from the California Franchise Tax Board that we now have a blanket response, and it is effective and works to remediate the situation. We have received many inquiries whose returns were prepared by other firms if they do in fact need to file returns for various states. I can assure you I will calculate your return to meet state tax guidelines. Regardless of where you reside if you have W-2 income or 1099-G (unemployment) income from a specific state, you are required to file a return in that state. This however is not applicable if you were employed on a vessel that sailed outside of states said waters. Do not incur interest or penalties on such when applicable. Not to mention, in many situations we even find we can minimize a clients overall tax liability by filing multi-state returns when applicable.

I have been sharing my cell number to clients for over three years now. I understand your time at sea may not incorporate regular business hours. If you do not mind back ground noise (my three girls) I don’t mind accommodating you. Feel free to call my cell: 443-545-6316.

Please realize many times my voice mail box is full, this is intentional, I will return missed calls. I find it saves us time from you leaving a message and me calling back and you having to repeat said message. If easier feel free to text and share a good time for me to respond via phone and I will do my best to meet said time.

I look forward to assisting you with your tax needs. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



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